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Sunday, October 3, 2010

My first haircut!

Yesterday evening after my bath, I got my first haircut. Mommy put me up on the bathroom counter, grabbed the scissors, and trimmed my bangs in two snips. With the first snip, I said, "Mommy cut you!" But then, when I realized that it didn't hurt and that I looked fabulous with my new hair-do, I was excited and wanted another haircut. Hmmm...if it took me 2 years to get enough hair for a hair-cut, will I have to wait until I'm 4 for my next one?

Friday, October 1, 2010

The terrible twos...

I had my 2-year check-up earlier this month and was 33.5 inches tall. That makes 5'7" our estimate as to how tall I'll be as an adult.

The best part about going in for my 2-year check-up is that they no longer measure my head circumference (I always screamed bloody murder when they did that in the past. I'd take shots over that any day!). It turns out that the reason they stop measuring that is because once you turn two, you don't need to be fitted for a halo anymore. Goodbye angelic Kaira. Hello terrible twos.

I've been 2 years old for 3 weeks now, and in general, I am pretty terrific...
...but sometimes I test the limits and have to spend some time in time-out, either on the stairs (behind bars) or in my pack-n-play. My most common transgression? Being contrary. One day, I even had to take a nap in time-out. Thankfully, I had a cell-mate; Snuggle Bunny had been caught stealing carrots from Mr. McGregor's garden.
If this isn't the face of the "terrible twos", I'm not sure what is.Don't mess with me!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A week at the cabin...

My Great Aunt Brenda (and yes, she really is that great) came to upstate New York this past week and rented a cabin on the river for all of us to vacation in! It was wonderful to get to spend time chillaxing with the family during these last few days of summer. My brothers entertained themselves by watching the ceiling fans (just like I used to do!). And I spent most of my time outside, throwing rocks into the river and building up my sand-castle skills.One day, Mommy took us on a day trip to the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake. It was a beautiful drive and some of the leaves were starting to change in the mountains.Aunt Brenda, Papa, and Grammie came, too. Look, Aunt Brenda! An Adirondack chair that's just my size!
I got so scared when I came around the corner and saw this display with Smokey the Bear that I fell on the ground and crawled back to Mommy! My brothers had a good time, too, but apparently didn't want to leave, because they cried the entire way home. Then I cried, too, because I was tired of listening to my fussy brothers. Here's some math: 2 crying babies + 1 crying toddler = 1 crying mommy.
On one of our last days at the cabin, the weather was warm enough to put on our swimsuits and go swimming!!

What a great week! How fun! Thanks for everything, Aunt Brenda!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy 10 Birthday to Me!

There are 10 types of people in this world: Those who understand binary and those who don't. Happy 10 birthday to me!

The birthday festivities began yesterday when Mommy and Daddy took my brothers and me to the Adirondack Balloon Festival at Daddy's work. The balloons were so big...and SO colorful!Then this morning, Grammie and Papa came over and I got to open presents! All of these!?! For me?!? (I think Mommy went a little over the top.)I got silly bands, some new clothes, a super-duper computer to help me learn my letters and numbers, my own broom, mop, featherduster, and dustpan (because I love to help clean!), and a Dinosaur Train!Yep - we are probably the only people on the street who still has and uses a VCR (which makes for great yard sale deals on kids' VHS tapes!)Please tell me that there's something besides baby wipes in this box...
Yeah! Books! I do love to read. I've been getting better at identifying letters and words out in the "real world", too. I point out the "H" on the Hess Gas Station sign, I identify Target, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, and CVS from their street signs, and while we were in the grocery store last month, I read the word "TANG". Am I a scholar of Chinese history? Am I a Skidmore art historian in the making? No...I just like artificial orange drinks.I liked this puzzle toy, too!
For lunch, I suggested that we go to Applebees. We had been there about a month ago, and I saw someone else celebrating their birthday there and figured it was the place to go!After I was done feasting on chicken fingers and french fries, they came out and sang to me and brought me a birthday dessert...Make a wish!I am so proud to be two years old!!!When we got back home, Grammie brought me upstairs to show me another present - my owl bed! Now that I've been sleeping in my Big Girl Bed, it was time to girly it up. I love owls (and can do an amazing owl impression!) and so this was perfect!Thanks, Grammie! Time for my nap!Who knew that the afternoon would be full of birthday celebration, too? After my nap, Mommy and Daddy brought me outside to show a couple more things. A slide and a picnic table!!!Zoli tried to figure out what all of the excitement was about:
Mommy made a birthday cake and some cupcakes for me and let me eat one to test out my picnic table. YUMMY!
And finally, I got a LITTLE RED CAR!! I've wanted one of these for SO LONG (ok, for about 3 months, which is equivalent to one-eighth of my entire life)!!
That evening, my friends Ethan, Ella, Mia, and Berkeley came over and had some birthday cupcakes with me.
Mmmm...another cupcake!What a wonderful day!